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Pop Rock

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada


It was mid-1994 when a new band stepped on the scene. Hailing from Oakville, Ontario, the then trio known simply as Gitch began their musical journey across southern Ontario. Playing night after night, in club after club, covering songs like Time After Time, the band began to make a name for itself.

In late 2000, Gitch brought it's musical creativity and knowledge to the world once again - this time in the form of a website. The website brought forth a plethora of new fans ranging from young to old, rich to poor, healthy to ill, male to female. This broadening of the fan base pushed Gitch into a new realm of creativity. With such a large fan based demanding music, they released all of their first recordings online.

Currently, Gitch is working on a second album. Although technically still the "first" album, and the third time going in to record - Gitch truly considers it their "first" album. Mainly because of you, the fans. Your support has given Gitch the inspiration needed to work on, and release an album for the fans. Truly making it Gitch's first album.