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Pop Rock

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 28, 2005


ACEFACE were assembled by Carl Nanders, Toronto-born vocalist/guitarist/songwriter. ACEFACE are an explosive mix arising from the sounds of Nanders's classical music studies and a love of the music that was born in the era of the Who, Pet Sounds, mod-soul and Brit-pop. Nanders is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist who also composes his own string & wind arrangements. Parallel to ACEFACE's album, he is currently working on a 2-CD song-cycle titled Anto.

"THREAT LEVEL: RED WHITE BLUE" is Aceface's debut album, following their self-released EP "Amazing Dementia".

The depth and multi-faceted nature of ACEFACE must be explored fully to be understood. More than a band, they represent a living, breathing, manifesto.

ACEFACE are made up of Nanders, alongside guitarist Freek Siezenga, keyboardist/ vocalist Anderson, bassist Matthew James Leaker and drummer Gregary Lyons.