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Steve Angel

Pop Rock

Oakville, Ontario, Canada
member since: Nov 8, 2001


"'s a trip you don't want to end, the highest high, the greatest escape... ultimate freedom..."(Steve Angel). Steve is talking about how music affects him. The same words could be used to describe his debut CD "Hollywood". A true reflection of singer/songwriter Steve Angel, "Hollywood" is a sonorous album masquerading as an outgoing, straight-ahead pop record. The beauty of the creation is in this dichotomy.

After attending university for music Steve hit the road to tour with a band in Europe. For all intent purposes he had achieved success as a "professional musician" but something was lacking. He had the urge to make his communication with his audience more personal. He began writing his own material. His desire to do his own thing eventually led him back to Toronto to start his own project. Under the name "M Soul" he started playing the club circuit, networking with other local musicians and honing his skills as a performer, vocalist and songwriter. Although he had spent some time "demoing" his material he wanted to take it to the next level and record a full-length album. The evolution of "Hollywood" began in the Fall of 2000. Steve met and began working with producer Brent Bodrug (Alanis Morissette, Oscar Peterson, Jacksoul, Carlos Morgan). With Bodrug's guidance and expertise and SA's talent, "Hollywood" was born.

"Hollywood" is Steve Angel and Steve Angel is "Hollywood", a musical documentation of a singer/songwriter. His personal history and musical influences are apparent in his songs...from his earliest musical experiences growing up in Chicago to the artists who inspired him throughout his life such as Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Waits and the Beatles.

"Hollywood" is the beginning of a new chapter in Steve Angel's musical journey. According to Angel, making "Hollywood" has strengthened his creativity and inspired the creation of a bunch of new material. The journey continues...just down a different path.