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Reckon With One

prog metal

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 4, 2004


Natives of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, the three members of Reckon With One can be likened to the foot soldiers of the Apocalypse. They lull the listener in with well written guitar melodies and progressive arrangements, then show their darkside with their pummeling percussive force, and intense vocals that range from harmonious hymns to gruff growls that sound like they emanate from another dimension.

There is no accurate way to describe the musical massacre that Reckon With One executes with a reckless abandon. Power and progressive metal are definitely a staple part of the R.W.O. sound, but the aggressive level at which they are played often brings old school thrash to mind. Then you can add the lyrics to the mix, and Reckon With One will show you another region of their genius, as high emotional pain, societies ills, and the state of the world are oft-covered topics that belie both the beauty and the brutality of the music