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Under Sun


London, Ontario, Canada
member since: Apr 18, 2004


Hot new hard rock alternative band based in London. Drowning in a whirlpool of melodic flow and hard crunching chainsaw rock, we stand true to our perception of what we feel is a falling society. Our fans tend to be intelligent and open minded and our song themes vary from heartbreak heartache; to the tragic follies of political reform and rule; to spiritual enhancement; with very analytical overtones, leaving the listener to decide what to believe.

'In this riddle so obscene, it's all a dark and discombobulated dream and along the waves of bottled time, I awake to wells run dry', so just 'take time.. brush mine', 'Until I see the diving planes consider the ground..' and if you're interested in, or intrigued by Under Sun, please contact our very own promoter, Rob Saunders via e-mail.

Thanxman.. Bert Unders