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4 Barrel

Hard Rock

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
member since: Dec 14, 2004


Intensity, the first ingredient in the pot in which 4-Barrel simmers. This 4-piece hard rock/metal band, hailing from Toronto is all about creating great forces of energy and transmitting it to their fans via high-octane recordings and their deadly live show. The band naturally bases their writing style around catch and hook but carries through with one of the most hard-core, kick in the head brands of metal around.

In 2001, guitarist Dan Preston, formerly of Clarknova, teamed up with bassist Paul McKay and drummer Kyle Heyworth to record some demos. Once vocalist Pat Davies, laid down his tracks, the fuse was lit and the group realized that they had something big on their hands.
Fast forward to 2004 - With a common goal and commitment now intact, 4 Barrel is in the process of recording Death or Glory, a 6 song EP like no other which they plan on releasing in the Spring of this year. From the heart pounding melody of “1000 Days” to the metal riffage of “Turn To Stone”, there is an unmistakably progressive, yet smartly commercial “sound” that 4 Barrel holds tightly in their grasp.

The band’s sound is forged out of the hearts of 4 young musicians who know where they came from and exactly where they want to go. It is more than just will, but focus and know how that are the backbone and soul of 4 Barrel.

In anticipation of Death or Glory, 4 Barrel is spreading the word from city to city and leaving their musical mark in the concrete.