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Metal, Alternative

Chatham, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jun 28, 2005


Hailing from Chatham Ontario, KnumbSkull is a 4 piece band that drives at creating emotionally Passionate music. KnumbSkull's sound has been described as Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, and Primus having and orgy where KnumbSkull is the afterproduct. KnumbSkull creates intense and original songs that are destined to drive out the emotion of all.
KnumbSkull plans on playing many shows over the course of 2005 and are looking forward to playing to broad audiences. They are also looking forward to playing with many diverse bands.
Please feel free to contact KnumbSkull via email at INLITHIUM@GMAIL.COM if you would are interested in sharing a stage with KnumbSkull.
KnumbSkull is;

Anthony W, Vocals
Marco B, Guitars
T. Taylor, Bass
Steve B, Drums.