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Heavy Rock

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
member since: Mar 19, 2006


Grow up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and you grow up in Detroit Rock City. With just a mile of water separating the two cities, the influences run deep. Lodown was born from this sound and it has become the backbone of this groundbreaking band.

Individually the band members come from some of the most influential bands in area history. Each member carrying with him a diverse musical back ground, waiting for a band that would have the ability to break the local scene and become a major influence in a wider market. Fate and friendship brought them together in the summer of 2000 and the result was the EP “800x600”.

After touring the United States and honing their live show the band released the full length album “Shadowbox Broadcast” which quickly sold out to their growing legion of fans from both Canada and the US. Extensive touring followed and the band entered the studio with famed Canadian producer Darius Szczepaniak. The result was the yet to be released album “Black Horse”.

Their live show has become near legendary and has attracted a diverse group of fans. The loyal who swear by the band come from all walks of life to experience what some critics have called “the savior of live rock music”.

The eclectic nature of the albums including “Black Horse” gives the band an almost cult-like sensibility. Songs like “Dirty Heshan” which are driven by traditional heavy riffs are placed alongside epic styled pieces such as the title track “Black Horse”.

It’s these contrasts and unique songwriting sensibilities that give the albums a very ominous and heavy feeling. There is definitely weight to this band. Rock and roll can be dangerous again. There are new areas within the genre to be explored and celebrated. Lodown is a band leading the way towards a new horizon in rock and roll.

Believe in this band, they might just be the most important rock band to come along in quite some time