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Pop / R&B

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Kgomotso Tsatsi (KG) Biography
Kgomotso Tsatsi or “KG” as she is more affectionately known is a 21 year old singer, musician, producer, songwriter and aspiring actress. Initially an extremely shy child, more apt to hang on to her mother’s skirt than to perform, she found comfort in the diverse goulash of music that her parents served. Her mother introduced her to the likes of Marvin Gaye, African Queens like Miriam Makeba and contemporary giants like Michael Jackson; whereas her father favoured the laid back sounds of Tchaikovsky’s concertos, Miles Davis’ horn and the larger than life voice of Luciano Pavarotti. This interesting mosaic of music at an early age inspired KG to aspire to be the eclectic artist that she is today.
Johannesburg, South Africa’s busiest city is where KG was born and raised. The political climate and history of South Africa’s past created interesting yet sometimes challenging dynamic to grow up in. KG has said that ‘It is through all of life’s struggles that beauty is born, and the more painful the experiences the more I found I grew as an artist and as a singer.’ A classically trained pianist from the age of 5, she continued to sing and at age 13 began writing her first few songs. At age 15 she began teaching herself how to play the guitar and continued writing poetry and making music. KG quickly established herself in music circles, by entering various talent searches; shows, and school productions, one notable competition in which she took part was South African Idol. Applying in secret at age 16, KG soon won the public’s heart and became the youngest competitor to ever reach the finals. The South African media created a buzz about the young Idol, allowing her to bolster her reputation and increase her fan base in South Africa and neighbouring countries. She continued to perform both corporate and charity gigs, refusing to sign any contracts before finishing school.
After high school KG had the opportunity to go to Argentina where she learned Spanish and formed a lasting bond with the local music and culture. Months later she moved with her family Canada; a move which was to help Kg take her music career to the next level. Without further ado, she immersed herself in the North American music scene by entering various talent searches both in Canada and USA. Most recently she participated in the USA World Showcase where she made the top 20 out of over 40,000 auditions. She has also performed in and around Southern Ontario as the lead singer of the R&B-blues band, “The Hip Kings” giving her the chance to continue to strengthen her stage presence. Recent events have included performing at Honey Jam, the former stomping grounds of fellow Canuck Nelly Furtado, YWCA, and Loretto College’s ‘Give Peace a Dance’. Her song “Buggin’” produced by world renowned producer Marcus Kane is set to hit Toronto airwaves soon.
The future looks bright for this young international star. KG continues to perform in Toronto, and is building a buzz over her imminent EP release titled ‘The Art of Love’ which will be available April 2008 Take one listen to her music and you’ll soon understand why her songs transcend genre definitions and age barriers; she speaks straight to the human soul. She has a growing fan base in both Africa and North America and her sites are set conquering both continents.
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Kgomotso Tsatsi
Tel: 647 505-3324