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Alternative Folk

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 27, 2009


The hooks are barbed. The lyrics bite hard enough to break the skin. And the soul of a resigned heart booms out in a powerful voice – far bigger than the stature of the man from which it comes. This is Kirby – and his emotionally, and spiritually captivating, new EP The Good Fight.

The former leader of a once powerful empire – now walks alone. The ghosts of melodies have been stripped from a maroon telecaster – and now inhabit a converted left hand acoustic guitar.

The Good Fight is a bold, and often frank, examination of a painful past that stabs in stereo. These melodies of catharsis – in a lilting, albeit somber elegance embody both resolution -- and hope for the path Kirby now walks.

There’s bitter-sweet remorse in the painting of each haunting scene pulled from the ether. It would be overwhelmingly morose – if it wasn’t so god damn honest.

Kirby takes The Good Fight to the people. With tours across Canada the empire is being rebuilt. And with dates in the U.S. and Europe in the works – the empire will soon stretch globally. And the voice will become all consuming.