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Kevin Bath

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Oakville, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 4, 2009


1977. Punk vs. progressive Rock. Sex Pistols and Supertramp. Elvis dies. This is when my musical awareness started. Born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada being uprooted and moved to Australia at age 3, followed by more traveling, jumping here and there between a couple of exotic islands and spending a bit of time in California (Marina del Ray) and back in Canada spending a summer in Thunder Bay, the least exotic place you can think of. Now musically aware entering 1978 the best year for music ever, in my opinion. Debuting artists like the Cars and Van Halen. Bands everywhere coming up with their own unique sounds. Have I lost you yet ? I tell you all this because it is these things that have shaped me and my art, my music. Singing along to the Beach Boys and Kiss (all on 8-track).

Then in 1981 my dad paid half for my first set of drums. That was it, that was the shit I started practicing along to records like Kiss and Pink Floyd,AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rush. But most influential to me as a drummer progressive rock like UK, King Crimson, Yes and Genesis. Bill Bruford and his solo albums opened my ears to some of the best musicians in my opinion the world has ever heard. Almost immediately I was in a band and playing gigs. In a few years I would be playing shows across Canada. Playing drums was my number one love at the time, but I always loved to sing and play guitar or bass. Then one day in 1988 I bought a Bass from Sears Warehouse for $80. A few years later I was playing gigs, then I was playing shows south of the border in the U.S. All of a sudden I was in demand as a bass player. Along the way I picked up a 4 track tape machine and started writing my own songs. I bought another machine and some more tools to make my visions come to life.Having played in a few cover bands and playing more than a few covers I learned to emulate and create my own work. And that was it, that was the shit, I was hooked, addicted. I had to make music.I was drawn to bands and artists like Paul McCartney,Jellyfish,Squeeze,Kings X,Jon Brion.They helped shape and expand my Musical vocabulary. I switched instruments once again and picked up a guitar. For the first time I became the lead vocalist of my very own band Skip Tracer back in 1994.I wrote the words and music for 2 Skip Tracer releases.and now the band is mostly know as a cover band. Having played professionally on several instruments (drums, bass, vocals and guitar) with many bands and recording artists has given me an intimate and unique perspective to being a songwriter. Words and music are who I am. Itís a craft that Iím good at. I canít imagine ever being bored with it. My goalÖ.to create and share with the world for many years to come.