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Heart of a Shark


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Oct 3, 2009

The sonic ocean in which we reside is our home.

We create epic waves of chordal melody and prose.

This is our legacy, our heart, and our goal.

We are Heart of a Shark.

Playing out of Toronto, Ontario, Heart of a Shark is four-piece rock band, determined to shake up an already incredible music scene. Heart of a Shark tears away at conventional rock, to carve out a new sound of our own, and confidently takes to the stage, drawing in new audiences, show after show.

Consisting of James Wells, Matt Redman, Mark Watts and Brandon Smith, H.O.A.S. have recently, independently, recorded a full length album, entitled “Plastic”. Harboring driving guitar based songs, pounding catchy rhythms, stadium vocals, samples, keys, effects, horns and even cello, "Plastic" is a powerful blend of rock, post-hardcore, and indie genres, offering a song for you...and you.