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Ajax, Ontario, Canada
member since: Nov 6, 2009

Meet Monnakoe

Monnakoe is the kind of infectious destined to be epidemic. Transcending traditional boundaries, it is unapologetic in its presentation of something fresh and exciting.

Every song from the Signs Of Life EP is unpretentiously engaging. Each one in its own fashion is lyrically provocative and musically intrinsic.
'Bring Me Back' a rhythmic voyage, definitive and worth the ride. 'Floating In A Dream' is a sublime mixture of raw energy and other-worldliness. 'Trust' a musical magnet pulling passion from the inside out.

Monnakoe will musically take you beyond the limitations of mere physics and transport the senses into the grandest of adventures.
This force of nature exists in the symbiotic relationship, passion and energy of Mark Polak (vocals-live) and Patrick Hodgson (synth/beats-live). They each bring a distinct and unique talent, the combination of which rises to a grand crescendo during a live performance. Patrick's quiet cool yin plays perfectly off the yang in Mark's kinetic frenzy. The experience is charged with a physical, emotional, and spiritual energy that is so stimulating and satisfying it can only be called "all sex".

Creatively masterful in both audio and visual arts Patrick's enthusiasm for sound experimentation began 12 years ago. With a keen ear for detail and an unrivalled savvy of musical knowledge and sensibility, he frames and fine tunes Mark's excellent sense of composition and structure. He and Mark met 7 years ago, while Mark was already honing his song writing craft. A cohesive bond that has cemented in their shared ambition to create a project that can move, ignite and excite.

Mark has all the heart and soul sensitivity of a natural born poet, able to translate pure emotion into the musical tour de force that is omnipresent in the Signs Of Life EP. Born in Montreal and proud of his Polish heritage, he is also extensively well versed in the musical arts world. To this equilibrium Mark brings the pure spirit of Monnakoe.

With existing technology being what it is, anyone with a modicum of talent can get a song together and on the internet within hours. It seems however that the Monnakoe mantra is artistic versus simplistic and quality versus self indulgent pandering. Their ambition is to carve a niche with something worthy of attention. It is their philosophy that "bad music can dumb down a whole nation." Ergo, great music can raise it to soaring heights. Following this very logic, Monnakoe is exactly what the world needs.