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Bass player and musical director extraordinaire! Bartolini & MTD Kingston Bass International Emerging Artist! Hit me up at!
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  • A.J. Smith: RevGroove


    GTA, Ontario, Canada
    member since: Jan 12, 2009


    The Original "MONK OF FUNK" Rev Groove!
    I've played bass for over 25 years, and while it's my primary instrument I also play keyboards/organ and guitar. I've been involved with various bands as well as worship teams for special events, camps, and conferences.

    I play bass guitar in the classic soul/R&B band "Matisse and the Playground" and have the privilege of sitting in with Keys n' Krates (we play the music, DJ Jr. Flo runs the vocals, wicked stuff!), and Terebinth (

    I've worked with Elias Dummer, Kim Wetmore, Jill Weber (of Greater Ontario House of Praise), Tim Kolb, Tara Sales, Matt Vincent and other local artists and worship leaders.

    I’m comfortable both live and in the studio and have experience as band leader/music director and on the production/engineering end of things.

    While I'm primarily a self taught bassist, I've been instructed in piano and guitar privately, with further education at 12 Fret Guitar School in Toronto. I've been teaching bass and guitar now for about 9