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Do It Again
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6 to 12
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Slip Of The Tongue


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Aug 7, 2009

SOTTrock - Slip Of The Tongue

Barreling through your senses with a fervent intensity, Slip of the Tongue (SOTT) will lap at your eardrums and tickle your central nervous system. The ancestry of stoner rock, from Black Sabbath to Queens of the Stone Age, is reaching more and more ears with every new generation. It is no big surprise that SOTT, while bending the rules and reaching for the next echelon, are proud to be part of the new evolution of such acts.

SOTT features Mauro Cecchi pulling double duty as vocalist and guitarist, Adam Cesario on bass and Mark Cesario on drums. These raunch-rock troubadours are anything but green having spent much of the last decade taking their licks and skinning their proverbial knees in the Toronto indie scene. After surviving a dramatic implosion of a 6 year project and taking what seemed a directionless hiatus, the trio have returned with something stronger and closer to their hearts.

With a demo on the horizon and a work horse attitude, SOTT have mapped out their goals and look forward to touring, playing festivals and releasing more and more singles. Most recently, the tracks; "6 to 12" and "Do It Again" have already been met with audience acclaim and their live show has marked the beginning of a buzz that is sure to swell.