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The 27th

alternative rock

Guelph, Ontario, Canada
member since: Dec 10, 2012


What do you get when you mix good friends, dedication, and a love for music? You get a band called The 27th.

With their roots stemming from just out side of Guelph jamming in a studio built with their own hands, the members of The 27th have been rocking alternative since the beginning of 2012. With all the members growing up within a short distance, two of the members (josh and graham) started out in a metal band in 2007. This flared johnny’s passion for the guitar and he followed suit, adopting his own bluesy style, giving away his love for Eric Clapton. With Ryan being a late vocal bloomer, he discovered his singing talent through karaoke which was run by a friend at a local bar. As Ryan and Josh worked in close proximity, they quickly discovered their mutual desire to form a band and pursue music as a passion and an alternative to the every day grind of manual labour. Not wasting any time, they quickly got to work building a space to play music.

Through friendships, jamming, and a 6th sense, all four members came together and ended up creating their own style, within a few short months forming a legitimate band and performing shows around Guelph and the surrounding area. Starting with free shows performed for family and friends, The 27th have recently performed two live shows both resulting in capacity straining crowds, one of which the Fire Marshall’s of Guelph can attest to. With a growing fan base and a dedicated group of followers, The 27th currently have their sights set on recording a demo which has been made possible by the recent completion of their hand built studio. Along with the demo which is currently in progress, the band has two shows set up for the new year and is actively searching for opportunities to share there music with anyone and everyone who enjoys the experience of live music performances.