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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] Leave the Louboutins. Take the bubble tea.
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] No industry organization or government in Canada has set a standard for a “sustainable investment.”
50 minutes ago ago from Hootsuite Inc.
Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] Among the questions that emerge from the mess surrounding the resignation of Governor General Julie Payette is: Sho…
1 hour 35 minutes ago from Hootsuite Inc.
URBNET Records [Toronto, ON] 'Re-Birth' isn’t your average “beat tape” @OBUXUM/ #OBUXUM created deliberate little worlds that tell numerous stor…
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] The home owner says the tenants did not show COVID-19 symptoms and were self-isolating due to close contact with a…
3 hours 52 minutes ago from Hootsuite Inc.
Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] The UK COVID-19 variant has been detected at a Barrie long-term care home.
4 hours 19 minutes ago from Hootsuite Inc.
Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] Search Party, Miss Juneteenth and Fake Famous are all coming to @CraveCanada.
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Wavelength [Toronto, ON] Our "Released in Isolation" playlist continues into 2021, with new music from @artdeccomsic, @Elaquent, @Bernice,…
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] The office of the representative of the Queen in Canada has outlived its usefulness to many – especially for Indige…
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] No industry organization or government in Canada has set a standard for a “sustainable investment.”
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Sonic Unyon [Hamilton, ON] RT @YWCA_Hamilton: Burning questions about the Women of Distinction Awards? Never fear, the wonderful @terralightfoot is here to go over al…
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] The big box blitz continues.
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] RT @enzodimatteo: Does Canada even need a Governor General? - NOW Magazine #juliepayette via @nowtoronto
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] People who see Psycho Goreman will remember it for the rest of their lives.
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] Scott Pilgrim is considered one of the best licensed video game adaptations ever made.
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] Winter Stations might morph into Spring Stations this year.
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] We’re way past cabin fever.
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] New Zealand comedy Baby Done takes a charming look at impending parenthood. Our review:
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Now Magazine [Toronto, ON] The next step is a worker-owned delivery and ride-hailing service, and they have an app for that, too.
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Canadian Musician Magazine [St. Catharines, ON] RT @cdnmusician: We have spirited convo on the latest podcast w/ Damon Krukowski & Salin Cheewapansri of the Union of Musicians & Allied Wo…
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Music Resources Directory

overhear Artist Services
Free featured artist listings, free gig listings, free classified ads.

Live Music Clubs (Open Stages/Open Mics/Jams)
A listing of clubs and venues in Canada that feature live original music. You can also find clubs that have open stage (open mic) nights for artists to showcase their own material. Or, find a club with a Jam night to keep your chops in shape and meet other musicians.

Canadian Annual Indie Events
A listing of festivals, showcases and events highlighting independent music. Dates, contact and application info.

Radio & TV
Radio and TV stations in Canada that play indie music. The list contains college and commercial radio stations you can approach to get airplay for your indie recording. TV stations that will accept indie videos are also listed.

Artist Management
It's a lot of work to manage yourself as an indie artist or band, and these companies can help with important career decisions.

These are groups that can provide you with help and/or info when it comes to the business of your music. Make sure you know what your intellectual property rights are.

Indie Record Labels
An ever-growing list of independent record labels in Canada. Rather than forming your own, you might find it easier to distribute your recordings through an already established indie record label. Some labels offer management and marketing, while others are bare-bones operations. Most will accept demos, but check with them before sending anything! Although there are "stable" labels, the nature of indie music is such that even though I have them listed, they may not even exist anymore.

Major Record Labels
A list of major record labels that are either Canadian-owned or have an office in Canada. Some labels will accept unsolicited demo submissions, but most require that you submit recordings through your manager or a lawyer. (Yeah, the red-tape is endless - they cut down on the number of submissions they have to process, and weed out the people that "aren't serious", or don't have enough money.)

Musical Instruments, Recording and Sound Equipment
A listing of stores providing sales, service and rentals for hardware.

Recording Studios
A sampling of recording studios in Canada. Even if you record in your basement, professional mastering can make quite a difference in the quality of the final CD, cassette or vinyl.

Video Production Studios and Services

CD/Cassette/Vinyl Duplication
Whether it's for a limited run for your demo, or you're planning to distribute your first platinum recording, you need to duplicate your master as inexpensively as possible.

Record Stores that support indie music
The growing popularity of DIY recordings means that more and more record stores are carrying independent CDs and cassettes. Most will accept a few pieces on consignment - meaning they'll stock a small number of your packages for free, and you only get money if your stuff sells.

Newspaper, Magazine & Online Indie 'Zine Resources
These resources have weekly (generally) listings of live music performances. Some also carry classifieds for musicians/artists. The listing contains both resources in print and online.

Other Indie Music Websites
Advertising is an important part of the business of music. If you have a website showcasing your work, you need to make sure people can find it. These are some resources that can help you find the info you may be looking for, as well as being a place to list your site (besides overhear, of course!)

Concert/Club Ticket Vendors

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