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Half A Halo


Guelph, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jun 1, 2003


Half A Halo was created in Toronto, Canada in April of 2003. The band consists of Dave singing and playing guitar, John the screamer playing bass, Joe on guitars and Collin on drums.

Spawned from failed pasts, Half A Halo came together out of desperation to create the music they weren't hearing. Fusing heavy riffs, light melody and a sense of song with 2 distinctly different vocalists, Half A Halo quickly caught the attention of The Agency Group, who have been booking them steadily at legendary venues such as Zaphods in Ottawa, and producer's Ruben Huizenga (Edwin, Glueleg) and Byron Wong (David Usher, Crystal Method) who recorded a 3 track demo in September of 2003. Fast forward to April 2004, just one short year after their inception, Half A Halo started work with Graham Brewer (Tea Party, Limp Bizkit, Nelly Furtado, Sam Roberts etc) on a full length album.

Drawing on influences such as Pantera, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, U2, Zeppelin and Metallica, Half A Halo's sound is an organic meld of polyrhythmic guitar parts over percussive grooves while melodic vocals dance with the devil.

Half A Halo's mantra is one of self discovery, acceptance and the search for truth. Half A Halo released their first EP "The Thrashing Floor" in March 2004.