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Dolores Dagenais


Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
member since: Dec 14, 2004


Dolores songs are a blend of insightful, poetic lyrics and sweetly crafted folk/soft rock melodies. They cover every topic, often straying into the realms of her childhood, exploring relationships, politics and even delving into the lives of her friends and family, she takes her inspiration where she finds it and it finds her often. She has collected a catalog of over 130 finished songs and always has a new idea brewing on the back burner. Dolores has connected with audiences at countless venues in Toronto, Barrie and Northern Ontario including Northern Lights Festival Boreal, SummerFest and Parry Sound Poetry Bash.

She is currently working on writing new songs for her second album and putting together a tour of Ontario festivals. Dolores first full-length album Mona Lisa’s Secret released August 7th 2003, is nothing if not personal. It is a poetic blend of spellbinding words and enchanting melodies that run the gamut from the straight on folk sound of Prayers to the rock edged passionate rant of Walkerton Song to the rough and bluesy style of Red Sparrow. There is truly a sound for all tastes on this CD.

She writes about all aspects of life, from great triumph to profound regret in a personal pull no punches style that somehow still manages to remain universal. Recorded live off the floor at Sudbury’s Easter Island Studio it maintains the clean sound of Dolores live performances and invites the listener to make an emotional connection to the music without the distraction of a lavish over-production. It is an honest work that spans 10 years of the writers life and brushes the surface of who she is and what she believes in. If you really want to know Dolores Dagenais, listen to the music.

Dolores is currently working on her second album due out the end of the year.