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Marshall Dane

Soul Rock

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 26, 2005


A solo independent artist performing live since the age of 15, Marshall Dane is the most dynamic young talent undiscovered in the Toronto area. Playing nightly gigs at bars in and around the GTA, Dane captivates his loyal audiences with his skillful guitar playing, creative interpretations of classic tunes, and strong, soulful voice. With a personal style that's part soul, part rock, with a hint of island, folk, and blues influences, Marshall Dane is an eclectic and electric performer who's voice has the power to touch you at your very center. In the process of recording his latest album of original songs, Marshall Dane's unique musical blend, thoughtful lyrics, and enigmatic personality guarantee he'll be the next biggest thing out of Canada. Check out more information on this superstar in the making at