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marybeth braiden

Folk new age

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 17, 2009

The Beth is Silent

The first time I heard The Wind Cries Mary, by Jimi Hendrix, I listened REAL HARD & I heard him sing "Wind Cries Mary Beth."

ok. so....maybe only I can hear it...but it's there just the same.

In 1972, someone put a guitar in my hands & then nobody saw me for the next 3 weeks. After driving my parents crazy by stompin' on my bedroom floor with my foot, they finally bought me my very own acoustic.

There have been many guitars since then & many hours spent losing myself in the fretboard.

Since moving to Windsor 6 years ago & finding the best audiences in Canada here, I have started to play in public. Know what? They like what my guitar has to say. & they even like my voice.

Hot D@MN.

Some of my tunes have been uploaded at, where you can find me under Marthmaymoo (brother's nickname.....I have 6 of them....brothers that is....not nicknames).

If you're in the Windsor can hear me playing at Windsor Folk or other open mic gigs.

Thank you & good night.