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welcome 2 canada remix
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Lady Shelly


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 4, 2008


In an industry dominated predominantly by men, the few female artists in dancehall are usually very explicit with their lyrics and appearance. Very rare do you find a credible female dancehall artist whose' music is not base solely on sex, money or men, but still manages to remain appealing to a hardcore dancehall massive. Lady Shelly, also known as karamanti has emerged as one such artist.

Lady Shelly has been actively involved in reggae/dancehall for many years but has had to struggle every step of the way because of her refusal to compromise on her morals & beliefs. Lady Shelly's repertoire does not preclude songs about sex, money and power but it is not dominated by these types of music. As a consequence, her climb in the dancehall industry has been a difficult one to say the lease.

Having what she refers to as a karamanti spirit (refusing to give up), Lady Shelly has put together a compilation of her songs and has made it available for free download online. This is her way of avoiding the radio stations that will not play her music, the big producers that will not work with her and the record labels that will not sign her. She is choosing instead to speak directly with reggae/dancehall music lovers who are expecting more from women in reggae/dancehall.

The project is titled karamanti mix -volume 1 "resurrection". It has approximately 18 tracks, 10 of which are new recordings. It can be downloaded at the following sites free of charge. These sites are free from virus and are used frequently by everyone in the music industry:

Producers that contributed to this project are: Dave Mitchell from Crappy Cribs Productionz, Newton Walker from Across De Traxx Records, JJ Wizzle from Viper Family, C-Sol from Hierarchy Entertainment and Gregory McGregor from Gmac Productions.

Track Listing:

1. Bruce golding
2. Ghetto anthem
3. Kum out
4. Naa do it
5. No gaza no gully
6. Relax queen
7. Respect due
8. Rise up
9. Roll back
10. Shelly is inlove
11. Talk up now
12. Talk up now walker remix
13. Welcome to canada remix
14. Welcome to canada
15. Welcome c-sol refix
16. Who we be
17. Woodwork
18. Party tonight feature KrisRon