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Heart of a Shark


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Oct 3, 2009

In a plastic scenery...

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Heart of a Shark is a four-piece rock band that is set to explode on impact. They fill the stage with an arsenal of rhythm and passion, their clever sound like a shotgun, and their energy contagious. Heart of a Shark is a dynamic mix of alternative and indie R&R, forcibly pushed through their instruments until the amps are lefts screaming. Yet, as the smoke settles a beacon of purposeful and melodic music leads the sound from one end of the sonic spectrum to another. This high-energy, melody-driven, dynamic rock has been missing from the scene for far too long.

Evolved by James Wells (vocals, guitar), Matt Redman (guitar, backup vocals), Brandon Smith (drums) and Mark ‘F**khellsyeah’ Watts (Bass, backup vocals), HOAS combines many musical styles and flavours to create edgy alternative rock that's innovative and unique.

Debut Full Length 'Plastic' now available!