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Jean-Paul De Roover


Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
member since: Nov 16, 2008


With an innovative approach to music, Jean-Paul De Roover is much more than a one man band: he plays everything, and right before your very eyes and ears. With the assistance of live looping, as well as various effects, multiple guitars and layers of vocals, Jean-Paul will have you second guessing yourself and wondering if you really heard what you just did.

One could compare Jean-Paul De Roover's music to a visual artist's venture, such as a painting on canvas. However, instead of admiring the finished product, he revels in the journey he takes you on over the course of a performance. Beginning with dead silence, his performance could lead anywhere, to full a capella harmonies, to rhythmic tribal beats, to orgiastic sonic explosions, to a noise layered world of ambient rock, or anything in between.